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Kote Management Software

Kote Management Software is very much useful to manage all the weapons and to track the alloted weapons also.
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Product Description

Here under are the features that define our Kote Management Software

System do the following activities :

  • Kote registration
  • Issue of arms
  • Return of arms
  • (All above activities is based on photograph, figure print authentication)
  • Inspection Entry
  • Inspection repair Entry

System has facility of generating following reports

  • Arms Issue register
  • Arms Return register
  • Arms Issue-Return register
  • Kote Summary Report
  • Arms History Report
  • Arms in Kote Report
  • Arms Issue report based on body /butt no.

System support following queries

    Arms pending for return as on date
  • issue sheet for date range
  • Arms issue by given force No

System also has following capability/functionality:

1. Functionality
  • The system display all details of available arms
  • The system enable user to add one or more arms in the list
2. Search facility
  • The system enable user to enter the search text on the screen
  • The system enable user to select multiple options on the screen to search
  • The system shall notify the user when no record is found in the search
3. Maintain user Profile
  • The system allow admin/login to create profile and set user credentials
  • The system authenticate admin/login credentials to view profile.
  • The system shall notify the user when no record is found in the search
  • The system allow admin/login to update the profile information in presence of user.
4. Reliability & Availability
  • The system provide for replication for databases to offsite storage locations.
5. Performance
  • The performance depend on the hardware components of the client/customer
6. Security
  • Data storage The user login page never display His password. It echoed with special characters representing types characters. The system’s back end database never display a user’s login page password. The user’s login page password reset but never shown
7. Supportability :
  • Configuration management tool
  • The source code developed for this system maintained in configuration management tool.
8. Applicable standards
  • The application installed is based on the SDLC (Software development life cycle)
  • It is as per the industry Standard

Qualitative requirements for the KOTE management System

  1. Limited accessibility in the user profile
  2. Only administrator profile would be able to edit or make new changes in the presence of user.
  3. Complete data of the individual (including photo and the inventory) to be displayed on recognition by the scanner
  4. Time in time out, date in , date out to be in sync with system data and time
  5. Drop down menus for ease of entry at required fields for example rank etc..
  6. Fields based searches to make efficient searches, for example name, registered number (force No/IRLA), weapon make etc.
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